In December 2018, the delivery of equipment and furniture for the Center for Temporary Accommodation of People in Need in the Municipality of Krumovgrad is forthcoming, in implementation of the project “Integrated Approach for Social Inclusion in the Bulgarian-Greek Region through Support for Employment and Development of Social Entrepreneurship” “With the acronym” ACCESS FOR ALL. ”

The center will provide social services to the local community with a view to improving the quality of life of the needy, the needy to find a home and a job, as well as to acquire new skills for working in the field of social entrepreneurship. The center is expected to be a good alternative for solving problems of a particular group in the community, as it will meet the specific daily needs of users, organize their free time and provide effective social protection and integration.

The center is important for the region because the municipality of Krumovgrad is away from the regional administrative center and at the same time there are people who need the service, which is short-term and low-threshold and provides an opportunity to cover the basic needs of adults with disabilities. the service is 21 places, with a maximum usage period of three months. The service will provide users with the possibility of household hygiene care, food and hot drinks, essential medicines and hygiene supplies, assistance in issuing documents (ID cards, placement in social homes, for telecom), referral and mediation to various institutions , counseling and assistance in job search, mediation with relatives and relatives, housing program. In order to provide quality services under the project, exchange of experience with the Greek partner in the field of social services is envisaged. Noto entrepreneurship and the provision of social services in the community.

As of November 2018, the Office for Supporting Social Entrepreneurship in Krumovgrad, Republic of Bulgaria, has been operational. It will promote and promote social entrepreneurship among the citizens of the two project partner municipalities by providing support for social inclusion of vulnerable groups and by creating a common tool for promoting social entrepreneurship in accordance with the TO 09 Program: “Promoting social inclusion , the fight against poverty and all discrimination. ”

On December 13, 2018 An information meeting was held in the Krumovgrad municipality building, which is part of a campaign for social entrepreneurship.

Social Entrepreneurship Campaign

A campaign for social entrepreneurship was carried out in the municipality of Krumovgrad, which is part of the project: “An integrated approach for social inclusion in the Bulgarian-Greek region through support for employment and development of social entrepreneurship”, with the acronym “ACCESS FOR ALL”, funded by the Program for cooperation INTERREG VA “Greece-Bulgaria, 2014-2020”.

Five seminars were held within the campaign. Employees of the social enterprises established under the project, as well as representatives of the municipality related to the provision of social services, participated in the seminars.

The topics of the seminars were dedicated to presenting different social alternatives for solving problems of particular groups in the community and aimed at promoting social entrepreneurship as an opportunity for the realization of people with innovative spirit. The increasing importance of social entrepreneurship for financing social service organizations was emphasized.

The overall objective of the campaign was to contribute to the expansion of social entrepreneurship in the cross-border region of Bulgaria-Greece by providing support for the social inclusion of vulnerable groups and by creating a common tool for promoting social entrepreneurship. It is in line with the TO 09 program: “Promoting social inclusion, combating poverty and all discrimination”.

* This document was created within the framework of the project “An Integrated Approach for Social Inclusion in the Bulgarian-Greek Region through Support for Employment and Social Entrepreneurship Development”, “ACCESS FOR ALL”, which is implemented with the financial support of the INTERREG VA Cooperation Program ” Greece-Bulgaria, 2014-2020, co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund and the national funds of the countries participating in the Greece-Bulgaria program. The responsibility for the contents of the document lies with the Municipality of Krumovgrad and under no circumstances can this document be considered to reflect the official opinion of the European Union and the Managing Authority.