Project background


“Integrated approach to social inclusion in the Bulgarian-Greek region through support of employment and development of social entrepreneurship”, with the abbreviation “ACCESS for ALL”, funded under the program of cooperation INTERREG V-A ” Greece-Russia, 2014-2020“


municipality Krumovgrad

municipality Topiros

Project start date: 31.08.2017

End: 29.02.2020 г.

Project budget:

The total cost of the project – 498 584,03 euros

Financing from ERDF- 423 793,43 euros, including Bulgaria-Krumovgrad-257 680.93 euros, Greece-Topiros-166 115,50 euros

National funding-74 787,60 euros, incl. Bulgaria, Krumovgrad-45 473.10 euros, Greece, Topiros-29 314.50 euros

Project description:

The project provides for actions to create a new social enterprise in Krumovgrad – a center for temporary accommodation of people in need, which will provide services to the local community, taking advantage of the exchange of experience with Greece and the creation of 2 offices to support social entrepreneurship – 1 in Krumovgrad, Bulgaria and 1 in Topiros, Greece, which will increase the provision of social services in communities in the cross-border area with poor socio-economic performance, will support the work in the field of social enterprises in cross-border region, the promotion and expansion of social entrepreneurship in the area.

The center for temporary accommodation of people in need, will contribute to improving the quality of life of those in need of home, in need of help to find a home, find a job, get new skills for social entrepreneurship.

This social enterprise will be a suitable alternative for solving the problems of a certain group in community -it will meet specific daily needs, organize free time and provide effective protection and social integration.


Project objective:

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the expansion of social entrepreneurship in the cross-border region of Bulgaria-Greece by providing support for the social integration of vulnerable groups and by creating a common tool to promote social entrepreneurship. It is in аccordance with the program ТО 09: “Promotion of social integration, the fight against poverty and against any discrimination.”


The specific objectives of the project are:

. Providing opportunities for housing and services from daily life for people in need in Krumovgrad through the establishment and operation of a Temporary Accommodation Centre in Krumovgrad for 21 people.

Provide an additional opportunity for professionally and financially disadvantaged vulnerable groups to enter the labour market through the development of social entrepreneurship skills;

 . Building capacity for the provision of services for temporary housing and for the development of social entrepreneurship in the region through training;

 . Promotion of social entrepreneurship through the establishment of 2 offices in the cross-border region;

. Promoting EU policies for the provision of social services and the development of social entrepreneurship through planned information tools.