Center services

The Center provides social services to homeless persons over 18 years of age and families with a permanent address in the Kardzhali region, aimed at meeting their daily needs. The temporary placement Center aims to provide family-friendly care for persons temporarily or permanently deprived of their homes. The main activities in the center are aimed at limiting the social exclusion of the users in the Center. The activities are aimed at creating conditions for social contacts, household and work placement through:

• Providing an equipped bed in the dormitory in the building;

• Preparation of an individual plan, after assessing the needs of each person accommodated;

• Organizing individual or group consultations of social entrepreneurship;

• Assistance in issuing identity documents;

• Assistance in obtaining pre-hospital, urgent or emergency medical and dental care;

• Assistance for preparing and submitting documents to the NSSI for granting a pension /   cash unemployment benefits (if it applicable);

• Assisting in the preparation of the set of documents required to appear before TEMC /NECC;

• Assistance in preparing the set of documents necessary for entering into a specialized institution, appropriate for the health of the respective consumer (if it necessary);

• Assistance in finding a job and / or registering with the Labor Office Directorate.